The FTO Owners Club was founded in 1998 by Jon Jones, one of the UK’s first enthusiastic FTO owners. After running it single-handed for about a year, armed only with a Japanese manual and sparse information in the UK on this marque at that time, he had gathered together a group of keen and like-minded volunteers. A committee was then formed to run the Club, with the core aim of providing a reliable info source to FTO owners. Over the years, a wealth of FTO information has been collected and archived, along with a Club community spirit that can be evidenced by the fun at FTOOC Events.

From its launch in Japan in 1994, through to 1998, the FTO was effectively a ‘grey import’ in the UK and it was therefore difficult to find spares, information or official support for the vehicles. Thus the FTOOC became a self-help group, completely independent of any Mitsubishi UK operations. The result was that Membership had swelled dramatically by the time official FTO imports began arriving, primarily through the RalliArt / Co-Ord Sport outlet in Dudley, Yorkshire, during the latter stages of the FTO Facelift era. Sadly, FTO production then ceased in mid 2000 – making the Club an even more important DIY resource for the UK’s FTO Owner.

Having been in existence for almost two decades, the FTOOC has experienced many changes. But it still remains today as the flagship for the UK’s community of FTO owners, and its Forum threads and informative archives continue to provide many solutions to problems in a manner the Japanese handbook never quite achieved. We take this opportunity to thank you for joining us and trust you enjoy your chosen FTOOC Event.