FTO Owners’ Club


The FTO Owners’ Club was founded in 1998 by Jon Jones, one of the UK’s first enthusiastic FTO owners. After running it single-handed for about a year, armed only with a Japanese manual and sparse information in the UK on this marque at that time, he had managed to gather together a group of keen and like-minded volunteers. A committee was then formed to run the Club, with the core aim of providing a reliable DIY info source and parts-breaking to FTO owners. Over the years a wealth of FTO information has been collected and archived, along with a Club community spirit that can be evidenced by the fun at FTOOC Events.

You can join the FTO Owners’ Club as a Registered User (Limited Access Member) to check out some of our Forum, or join annually as a Full Member with total access by clicking the link below for more details:

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